• Note that abstracts not submitted in the given format will not be accepted for reviews and will not be published in Abstract book of IJCCM
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  • Kindly enter names in format you wish to be printed in Abstract Book. No change requests will be entertained. No later Submission will be accepted and entertained.
  • All selected papers will be published in IJCCM Abstract book.
  • Case reports will NOT be printed in IJCCM.
  • Abstract once submitted, cannot be editted.

Details of Abstract Submission

    Abstract must be typed and presented in English
    The abstract must be written within 1000 words. Excluding title, and the names of the author (s) and their institutions
    The submitted abstracts must contain the following:
    Objectives: State the main objective of the study Materials and methods: Briefly describe the design of the study and how it was conducted
    Results: Present the main results with appropriate statistics
    Conclusion: Limit the conclusions to those that are directly supported by the results.
  • TITLE:
    The title of the abstract must be typed in CAPITAL LETTERS with the exception of scientific names, which should be in upper and lower case forms and italicized.
    The presenting author's name must be underlined and must be in CAPITAL LETTERS
    The presenting author's name, institution, address, telephone and email address must be provided. Presenting authors must be registered for the conference. Only Registered delegates will be allowed to present.
    First deadline of abstract submission will be 15th November 2020.
    Strictly no abstracts will be accepted after this deadline.
    Deadline to intimate delegates about their selection of abstract & to complete registration process will be 30th November 2020.
    Deadline for submission of top 5 full text presentations of abstracts selected for ISCCM BEST RESEARCH AWARD ,
    Hansraj Nayar Award ,Young talent Hunt will be 15 December 2020.
    Deadline for Submission of full & final selected presentations will be 31st December 2020, STRICTLY.
    It will be irrespective of oral or poster.
  • No abstract presentations will be entertained after 15th December for submission or presentation as all selected abstract will go for publication on 15th January 2021.
    Presenting author shall be notified of the status of the abstract after being reviewed by the committee, by email. Selected Authors for oral & poster presentation will be informed. Communication will only be made by email to submitting author’s email id on this regard. Hence including email address along with abstract is mandatory.
  • Candidate is requested to check all INBOX mails and SPAM, THRASH, BIN MAILS TOO FOR DELIVERY OF ISCCM MAILS. It is the candidate’s responsibility to check mail boxes as ISCCM cannot control delivery of mail to particular mail box.
    The top 5 abstracts selected for oral presentation will be resent to a panel of experts and will be scored as per the scoring system planned by the panel and top five will be shortlisted as per the TOP 5 scores.

    First rank will be selected for: ISCCM BEST RESEARCH PAPER AWARD
    Second rank will be selected for Hansraj Nayyar Award
    Third rank will be young talent hunt 1
    Fourth rank will be young talent 2
    Fifth rank will be young talent 3.

    The ISCCM BEST RESEARCH AWARD AND HANSRAJ AWARD WINNERS WILL PRESENTS the study in criticare plenary session 15 min presentation each.
    Young Talent Hunt winners will present the papers in criticare thematic session, 10 min each for presentation.
  • CASE REPORTS: These will be accepted only as poster and will not be eligible for any award. Case reports will not be published in abstract book of IJCCM. Registration to conference is compulsory to present poster.